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Investor Letters

2020 Investor Letter III (Year-End)

2020 Investor Letter II (Summer)

2020 Investor Letter I (Spring)

2019 Investor Letter III (Year-End)

2019 Investor Letter II (Autumn)

2019 Investor Letter I (Spring)

2018 Investor Letter

Equity Selection Process (Sep 2018)

Desiring What Doesn't Exist (Fall 2016)

Battles & Wars (Aug 2015)

Specifically Ambiguous (July 2015)

Equity Research

CyberArk (May 2020)

GoDaddy (Jan 2020)

Dropbox (July 2019)

Media & Other

SumZero interview (July 2020)

Resource Library*

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A snippet from our 2020 Year-End Letter. Download the full letter here. Dear friends and valued investors, The historian Eugen Weber wrote a book called The Hollow Years about France in the 1930s. I’m

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